A Girl & Three Sweethearts

Sakurai Misaki has not dated in a long time. She has focused on her work as a p√Ętissier to eventually run her own business. One day, she gets fired from work. She then meets her first love from high school Shibasaki Chiaki. Misaki works part-time at Chiaki's restaurant and also stays there. While she lives with Chiaki at his restaurant, she realizes that Chiaki's two younger brothers Toma and Kanata also live there.


Season 1.0

1. Summer is Here! (2016-07-11)
2. The Best Reward (2016-07-18)
3. A Date? (2016-07-25)
4. Kanata's True Feelings (2016-08-01)
5. A Firework Date (2016-08-08)
6. Kanata's Confession (2016-08-15)
7. A Secret Exposed (2016-08-29)
8. Chiaki's True Feelings (2016-09-05)
9. Two Confessions (2016-09-12)
10. Merry Christmas, New York (2016-09-19)