A Season at the Juilliard School

Step inside the most prestigious performing arts school where Miles Davis, Pina Bausch and Kevin Spacey studied.

A captivating discovery, to the rhythm of the school calendar, of the path followed by several students and the philosophy of an institution, where social and community involvement is as much part of the curriculum as the artistic teaching.

One of a kind, the Juilliard School is a school of excellence, the most selective in the United States. The long list of its graduates, which includes Pina Bausch, Kevin Spacey and Miles Davis, is both prestigious and eclectic, and other art schools around the globe are pale with envy.


Season 1.0

1. The New School Year (2014-09-05)
2. On Stage! (2014-09-12)
3. Other Horizons (2014-09-19)
4. Together! (2014-09-26)
5. Artists (2014-10-03)
6. Dreams and Reality (2014-10-10)