Alma Indomable

Alma Perez (Scarlet Ortiz) is a diamond in the rough: 23 years old, without any education who lives with her cruel stepmother Rafaela "Pucha" Perez and sister Jazmin Perez. Destiny brings her to the hacienda of Patricio Sorrento, Las Brisas, where she begins to live as a guest. Unknown to her, she is actually the heiress to Patricio's fortune. Pucha, her adoptive grandmother was paid to raise Alma by her real grandmother Paula Romero.

At the hacienda, Alma meets Juan Pablo Robles, the administrator of the hacienda who lives with his mother Caridad Robles. He begins to teach Alma how to read and write. Alma and Juan Pablo immediately fall in love, but when she sees him kissing Dubraska Sorrento, she feels betrayed and leaves the hacienda. After some time, she comes back as a successful, rich and beautiful woman to claim her fortune and seek revenge on her enemies.

Esteban de la Vega is a rich man who also loves Alma and will do anything to have her. Together with his cousin Abigail Richardi, who is in love with Juan Pablo, they conspire to separate the two.