On Altar'd, the wedding day is fast approaching, but for these couples one big change is needed before they say "I do": they need to lose weight. There's just one big catch: They must agree to get fit solo. Will losing weight apart keep these couples together forever? Watch each week as a different bride- and groom-to-be pair up with pro trainers to undergo inspiring 90-day transformations that won't be revealed until each couple sees each other again...walking down the aisle to the altar.


Season 1.0

1. Gina & Dylan (2017-01-17)
2. Katie & Tim (2017-01-24)
3. Shawna & Shad (2017-01-31)
4. Alex & Jordan (2017-02-07)
5. Natifah & Reggie (2017-02-14)
6. Jaclyn & Stephen (2017-02-21)