Ashley Paige: Bikini or Bust

Ashley Paige: Bikini or Bust is half documentary/half soap opera about the daily struggles of being an independent fashion designer. Ashley desperately needs to find a way to overcome being a famous fashion designer who, despite being the toast of the fashion world, still doesn't have the resources or infrastructure to pay her rent, or manufacture her innovative designs on a mass scale. Along with her mom (Leah), her knitter (Jan) and a quirky staff of girls, it's an uphill battle, but Ashley is determined to make it to the top!


Season 1.0

1. Sink or Swimsuit (2008-07-11)
2. The Show Must Go On (2008-07-11)
3. You Must Pay the Rent (2008-07-18)
4. The Working Girl (2008-07-18)
5. Woman's Best Friend (2008-07-25)
6. Look at My Book (2008-07-25)
7. The Power of Juan (2008-08-01)
8. Cleaning House (2008-08-01)
9. My Face or My Eggs? (2008-08-09)
10. The Problem with PR (2008-08-09)
11. "Making-Up" for Lost Time (2008-08-16)
12. The Big Question (2008-08-16)