Australia's Deadliest

Australia is a country of vast landscapes and raw beauty, and home to some of the most venomous and deadly animals in the world. These predators can kill a human in seconds. In this incredible new series, we tell real life survival stories of people who have come close to death at the jaws of Australia's deadliest animals. The survivors share their stories in their own words, and explain how their experiences irrevocably changed their lives. Australia's Deadliest is a dramatic and compelling new series with extraordinary tales and gripping re-enactments.


Season 1.0

1. Beast in Her Backyard (2013-05-10)
2. Deadly Dingo (2013-05-10)
3. Grandma v. Croc (2013-05-17)
4. Outback Nightmare (2013-05-17)
5. Lethal Jelly (2013-05-24)
6. Surfer v. Jaws (2013-05-24)
7. Killer Kangaroo (2013-05-31)
8. Venom Kills (2013-05-31)
9. Minutes to Kill (2013-06-07)
10. Sea Lion Attack (2013-06-07)
11. Deadly Playground (2013-06-14)
12. Killer Waves (2013-06-14)